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Dr. Hasan Salman AL-Hashim


Building  3   Room 207

Direct Phone           +966 3 860-2566

IR                              +966 3 860-4346

Fax                           +966 3 860-4447

Postal Address

PO Box 730

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia






Teaching Last Semester (142)
Course     Course Title
PETE201 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

PETE410 Natural Gas Engineering
PETE399 Summer Training Coordinator
PETE411 Senior Design Project

PETE610 MS Thesis

PETE710 PhD Dissertation

PETE711 PhD Dissertation

Teaching This Semester (151)
Course      Course Title
PETE301 Reservoir Engineering (2 Sec.)

PETE399 Summer Training Coordinator
PETE610 MS Thesis

PETE710 PhD Dissertation
 PETE712 PhD Dissertation

Teaching Next Semester (152)
Course     Course Title
PETE306 Well Testing (2 sec.)
PETE399 Summer Training Coordinator
PETE610 MS Thesis

PETE710 PhD Dissertation

PETE712 PhD Dissertation


Courses Taught at KFUPM:

Undergraduate Courses:

Course             Course Title                             Number of Times Taught      

PETE301         Fluid Flow in Porous Media                         1

PETE403         Reservoir Engineering                                1

PETE304         Reservoir Rock Properties                           7

PETE307         Reservoir Engineering                                2

PETE401         Well Testing                                             2

PETE221         Reservoir Rock properties                          1

PETE408         Seminar                                                  4

PETE423         Well Testing                                             4

PETE432         Surface Production Facilities Design            5

PETE445         Natural Gas Engineering                            8

PETE342         Reservoir Engineering                               4

PETE404         Senior Design Project                               4

PETE405         Senior Design Project                               4

PETE301          Reservoir Engineering                            12

PETE411         Senior Design Project                             15

PETE403         Well Testing                                           5

PETE306         Well Testing                                           11

PETE410         Natural Gas engineering                          8

PETE204         Reservoir Rock Properties                       10     

Graduate Courses:  

PETE520         Advanced Well Testing                          14

PETE645         Fluid Flow in Porous Media                      1

PETE544          Natural Gas Engineering                          2

Short Courses Offered by the Department of Petroleum Engineering:

 Short Course                                                                         Role       

Gas Well Testing                                                                                                                Coordinator and Instructor.
 Surface Production Facilities                                                                                                      Instructor
Natural Gas engineering                                                                                                               Instructor
 Petroleum Engineering Training Program (Well Testing Module)                                     Instructor
 Petroleum Engineering Training Program (Surface Production Facilities)                      Instructor
 Well Testing                                                                                                                                     Instructor
PVT and Phase Behavior of Reservoir Fluids                                                                            Coordinator
 AGE106 Introduction to Exploration, Drilling, and Petroleum Engineering       Coordinator and Instructor