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Descriptions for Current Activities

As a Free Lancer:

Working on performance tuning/ maintenance issues of an Oracle-Forms-based system implementation. The system is deployed in Finance Department of High School Setup.

Development Exposures:

- Performance tuning issues
- Functionality enhancements
- Use of recent features in Oracle Products

As Full Time Employee:

Working as a 'Web-Application Developer' on a huge enterprise-wide project of ERP Implementation with
King Fahd University, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. ERP Platform Use: 1

The main development exposures/ experiences during the said project are as follows:

· Worked upon JSP based Web-application using Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Environment

· Integrate the application with a running instance of Oracle Application Server 11i, thus support customized application development

· Handling the configuration and installation issues in the area of Web Application Development (troubleshooting installation, configuration and deployment of Web server/ Database server/ Application Server)

· Handling customization issues with Oracle Applications 11i existing modules (writing PL/SQL package code for calling Oracle Apps APIs)

- Exploring new mechanisms/ technology options for web-based deployments including:
- details of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA),
- use of Application Express tool (formerly, HTML DB) for deploying simple departmental web apps,
- use of XML DB feature of Oracle 10g for handling unstructured storage elements,
- and others.,


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