Dr. Yaser Ahmed Fallatah

Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting & MIS


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Teaching at KFUPM

Course No.                   Course title                                      School

Acct 403                       Advanced Accounting                      KFUPM

Acct  301                     Intermediate Accounting I                 KFUPM

Acct 302                       Intermediate Accounting II              KFUPM

Acct 201                         Accounting Principle                     KFUPM

Acct 202                         Accounting Principle                     KFUPM

Accg  2021                      Financial Accounting                    FAU

Accg 2071                       Management Accounting              FAU


Short Courses

1. Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants ( financial Accounting)

2. Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants ( Auditing)