(A) Postgraduate Courses Taught
Managerial Accounting (ACCT 506) (American University at Cairo) (AUC)
(B) Undergraduate Courses Taught
  1. Principles of Accounting I (ACCT 201), (KFUPM).
  2. Principles of Accounting II (ACCT 202), (KFUPM).
  3. Intermediate Accounting I (ACCT 301), (KFUPM).
  4. Intermediate Accounting II (ACCT 302), (KFUPM).
  5. Advanced Accounting (ACCT 403), (KFUPM).
  6. Auditing (ACCT 404) (KFUPM).
  7. Introductory Financial Accounting (Tanta University)
  8. Corporate Accounting (Tanta University)
  9. Taxation (honors level compulsory subject), (Tanta University)
  10. Specialized Accounting (honors), (Tanta University)
  11. Cost Accounting (Honors), (Tanta University)
  12. Auditing (honors), (Tanta University)
  13. Governmental and Public Sector Accounting (Tanta University)
  14. Accounting information systems (honors), (Tanta University)
  15. Advanced Financial Accounting (honors), (Tanta University)
  16. Management Accounting (honors), (Tanta University)
  17. Design of Accounting Systems (honors), (Tanta University).
(C) Professional and Training Courses
  1. Financial Analysis and Its Implication to Banks for Senior Bankers (Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and EBI, Egypt),
  2. Preparation courses to Saudi Organization of Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) Exams for the years: 2002, 2003 and 2005 (Saudi Arabia).
  3. Financial Statement Analysis, (KFUPM), (Coordinator).
  4. Computer Crime: How can you protect your Computerized accounting Information systems? (KFUPM) (Coordinator).
  5. Introduction to Investment, CPA course, The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), Cairo, Egypt.
  6. Introduction to Statistical Analysis in Business, (EBI), Egypt.
  7. Specialized courses to Saudi Organization of Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA), Saudi Arabia, such as:
    • The Accounting Conceptual Framework
    • Accounting for Investment According to Equity Method
    • Auditing Companies using Computerized Accounting Systems
    • Feasibility studies
    • Consolidated financial Statements
    • Accounting for Foreign Currency Transactions
    • Foreign Currency Financial Statements
    • Financial Statement Analysis, etc.
I supervised many of co-op students in the accounting major at College of Industrial Management, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia. The following is a selected number of my co-op students and the titles of their reports
  1. Aiman Ali Fateel, (2003), Internal Auditing at Global Suhaimi Company.
  2. Aiman Ali Fateel, (2003), Approaches and Techniques of Auditing the Plans and payroll at in Al-Juraid & Company.
  3. Amin Al-Bockhari, (2004), Auditing Accounts Receivable in Al-Juraid & Company, Jeddah Office, Saudi Arabia.
  4. Mohammed S. Al-Otaibi, (2004), Billing and Collection in Saudi Aramco.
  5. Bakheet Al-Senani, (2004), Auditing Fixed Assets in Al-Juraid & Company at Jeddah Office.
  6. Hassan Al-Qattan, (2004), Targeting Business Industries at The National Commercial Bank.
  7. Zakaria Makki Al-Najran, (2004), Controls over Pack Top Promotion in Unilever Arabia.
  8. Sameer N. Abdulhadi, (2005), Analyzing Financial Statements Using Financial Ratios and Line of Credit: The Case of Saudi Armco (First Honor Award).
  9. Abdul-Ilah Eisa Al-Gaffes, (2005), Internal Controls in Financial & Settlement Unit in ANB (Arab National Bank) Card Centre.
  10. Wael Hattab Al-Anezi, (2005), Budgeting at The Saudi British Bank.
  11. Ahmad Al-Hadddad, (2005), The Role and Application of Substantive Analytical Procedures in Auditing of Financial Institutions.
  12. Abdullah Al-Abdulkarim, (2005), Fixed Assets Test of controls at Deloitte.
  13. Bassem Rozzah Internal Periodical Financial Reporting at Comptroller Department in KFUPM.
  14. Samy A-Fayes, (2005), Internal Audit of Accounts Receivable in Ericsson Company.
  15. Ahmad Al-Saad, (2005), Auditing Fixed Assets in Al-Juraid & Company.
  16. Fayez A. Alziedi, (2006), Using Confirmation Requests in Auditing Accounts Receivable.
  17. Ahmed A. Al-Ghazwi, (2006), Cost and Price Controls in Oil Companies: The Case of Saudi ARAMCO
  18. Asa'ad Turkestani, (2006), The Effects of Financial Statements on Credit Decisions in Islamic Finance.
  19. Youssef H. Algouaii, (2006), The Internal Control Systems in Payroll Unit at SEC-East.
  20. Haithem Hassan Al.Faraj, (2006), Evaluating Long Term Assets: The Case of Saudi ARAMCO.
  21. Anas M. H. Baksh, (2006), Financial Statement Analysis or Credit Purposes: The Case of NCB.
  22. Mohammed A. Al-Bassam, (2006), The Techniques and Procedures of Thrift Plan in Saudi ARAMCO.
  23. Yahya N. Al-Hashem, (2006), The Internal Control System in The Ledger and Cash Attest Unit at SEC-East.
  24. Mahdi Al-Obaidan, (2006), Internal Control over The Accounts Receivable Collection at Saudi Telecom Company
  25. Thamer Ali Al-Jouhar, (2006), Purchasing & Accounting Cycle At Saudi ARAMCO