Scholarships And Grants

Tunisian Government Scholarship: 1988-1993
Japanese Government Scholarship: 1995-2002
College of Industrial Management (KFUPM) Grant 2005: “Job Turnover and Retention Strategies in Saudi Arabia” (Co-Investigator with Dr. Mustafa Achoui)
SABIC/FAST TRACK Grant 2005: “The Perceived Effects of Work and Family Variables Faculty Performance: a Case of KFUPM” (Co-Investigator with Dr. Razali Mat-Zin)
Junior Faculty Grant 2006: “Characteristics and Performance of Foreign Companies in Saudi Arabia”
Academic Development Grant 2006: "Accredited Online Master of Business Administration (MBA)" (Principle Investigator with Dr. Salem Al-Ghamdi and Mr. Shahid Islam)
KFUPM Internal Grant 2007: "Factors Influencing Employer Decisions in Hiring and Retaining Individuals with Disabilities in Selected Arab Countries"
KFUPM Internal Grant 2007: "Gender and Job Satisfaction Among Employees in Saudi Arabia" (Principle Investigator with Dr. Mustafa Achoui)