History of teaching is as old as the history of civilization. There have always teachers and students involved in the teaching learning process, imparting and getting knowledge. Education as Shakespeare puts it is preparation of body and mind for leading a better life. I inclined to agree with him. Teaching is a scholarly activity despite of all the new developments and means of getting knowledge; the role of a teacher in the teaching learning process is pivotal. I believe that the teacher, the taught, and the process all should be dynamic, ready to accept the challenges of ever changing panorama of life.


International Business MGT 440

Human Resource Management MGT 401

Principles of Management MGT 301


Courses Taught in Previous Jobs


Advanced Human Resource Management

Organization Theory



Principles of Management

Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management

Career Management and Planning

Organization Theory and Design




Principles of Management

Human Resource Management

Organizational Change and Development

International Business

Industrial Psychology


Business Ethics