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Services To Department/College/University (KFUPM)

Department of Mechanical Engineering:

1. Supervisor of the ME Students Club: 011-012
2. Honors and Public Relations Committee (Member): 011-012
3. Industrial relation committee(Member): 021-022
4. Labs development committee (Member): 021-022
5. Industrial relation committee(Member): 031-032
6. Best teaching award committee (Chairman): 031
7. Coordinator for Undergraduate Thermodynamic I: 032
8. Coordinator for Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics: 031
9. Coordinator for Undergraduate Thermodynamic II: 042
10. Director of the Pumping Machinery Lab: 2003-present
11. Planning Committee (Member) 041-042
12. Coordinator for Undergraduate Heat Transfer: 051-052


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College of Engineering:

1. College of engineering exhibition committee (Chairman): 022
2. Best teaching award committee (Member): 031

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King Fahd University:

1. Presented a lecture on “What Mechanical Engineering is,” 011
2. Student Affairs Committee (Member): 021-022
3. Admissions & Academic Standing Committee (Member) 031-032
4. University research committee (Member) 041-042
5. University Housing committee (Member) 051-052

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1. Two visits to the ARAMCO workshops. 021
2. A visit to SABIC Headquarters in Jubail. 021
3. A visit to ALOPCO in Dammam (Aluminum Company). 021
4. A visit to AL-Zamil Company in Dammam. 021
5. A visit to ARAMCO HARAD Gas Plant. 021
6. A visit to Al-Shwair Valves Company, Dammam 043
7. A visit to INMA Manufacturing Company, Jubail 043
8. A visit to Al-Juama heat exchanger shop, ARAMCO 051


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1. Associate member of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
2. Associate member of the SSME (Saudi Society of Mechanical Engineers)
3. Associate member of the SCE (Saudi Council of Engineers)
4. Associate member of the SMA (Saudi Management Association)

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ME 316 Themofluid lab manual (2001-2002)
Compiling and updating the Fluid Mechanics part of Thermofluid Lab Manual, ME 316. I reviewed the text and equations, updated all data sheets, redraw most of the figures. A copy of this manual has been submitted to the ME Department More work will be done such as uploading the Manual as PDF files in the ME home page.