Mehmet Sunar, Associate Professor of ME



Areas of Interest: Applied Mechanics, Smart Materials, Vibrations, Controls, FEM, Machine Design and Optimization.

Funded Research Projects: Total Budgets of Projects: $ 230,000

O. Toker and M. Sunar, “A Substructural Control Technique by H-infinity Method for Nonlinear and Fuzzy Structures”, Fast-Track University Project,  May 2003-May 2004 (Project No. FT/2003/11, Budget=$12,300).

J. M. Bakhashwain, and M. Sunar, “Magnetoelectric Sensor and Actuator Design”, Fast-Track University Project, April 2002-October 2003 (Project No. FT/2001/11, Budget=$20,000).

O. Toker and M. Sunar, “Substructural Control by H-Infinity Method”, SABIC Project,  October 2000-April 2002 (Project No. SAB/2000/10, Budget=$16,000).

B. Al-Bedoor and M. Sunar, “Developing a Technique for Blade Vibration Measurements in Turbomachinery & Jet Engines”, KACST Project, April 2001-April 2003 (Project No. AT-19-14, Budget=$71,733).

M. Sunar, B. Al-Bedoor, N. Hamdan, Y. Al-Nassar and A. F. M. Arif, “Analytical Evaluation Technique for Flat-Bottom Storage Tanks”, Saudi ARAMCO Project, September 2000-December 2001 (Project No. ME 2205, Budget=$79,873).

M. Sunar, S. A. Al-Kaabi and F. M. Al-Sunni, " Substructural Control of Fuzzy Structural Systems", University Project, October 1999-October 2001 (Project No. ME/FUZZY/197, Budget=$30,100).


Ph. D. Co-Advisor:    

Thesis Title: Robust Design of Smart Structures Using Taguchi Methodology. Washington International University, PA, USA. Duration: September 1999-June 2001.

M. S. Advisor: 

Thesis Title: Effect of Piezoelectric Actuator Placement on Controlling the Modes of Vibration for Flexible Structures. Duration: May 2004-Present.

Thesis Title: Effect of Flow Rate/Pressure and Viscosity of Lubricating Oil in Fluid Film Bearings on Stability of a Rotor System. Duration: June 2002-Present.

Thesis Title: Investigations on the Influence of Rotor Location and Unbalance on Fluid Induced Vibrations of a Shaft-Disk-Bearing System. Duration: June 2002-June 2004.

Thesis Title: Finite Element Formulation of Electromagnetic Materials for Vibration Sensing and Control. Duration: 9/1996–12/1998.

Thesis Title: A Robust Design Methodology For Structural Control Using Piezoelectric Materials. Duration: 9/1995-6/1997.