Mehmet Sunar, Associate Professor of ME



Courses at Undergraduate Level:

Dynamics (ME 201) Machine Design I (ME 307)
Mechanics of Machines (ME 309) System Dynamics and Control (ME 413)
Advanced Dynamics (ME 481) Optimization of Mechanical Systems (ME 486)
Systems Control (ME 488) FEA in Mechanical Engineering design (ME 489)


Courses at Graduate Level:

Advanced Dynamics (ME 552) Advanced Vibrations (ME 553)
Vibration Measurement and Analysis (ME562) Noise and Vibration Control (ME 564)


Short Courses (Coordinated and Taught)

Finite Element Analysis for Machine Design with ANSYS, 3 times in 5/1995, 2/1996 and 4/1997.

Mechanical Design, Analysis and Assessment of Storage Tanks and Piping Systems, once in 4/2004.


Short Courses (Taught)

Vibration Measurement, Analysis and Balancing of Rotating Machinery, 7 times in 3/1996, 5/1999, 11/2000, 11/2001, 12/2002, 12/2003 and 4/2004.

Applications of Finite Element Analysis in Mechanical Engineering, once in 4/2003.

Optimal Engineering Designs: Methods and Applications, once in 5/2004.