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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Khaled Furati


Project Title

Funding Agency Start Date End Date Role Status
Some Numerical Methods for General Class of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems KFUPM 1988 2000 CI Completed
Wave Propagation and Second Harmonic Generation in Nonlinear Optical Structures: Finite-Difference Time-Domain Approach Fulbright 2000 2001 PI Completed
Fast Wavelet Algorithms for Simulating Safing Sensor KFUPM 2001 2003 CI Completed
Approximating Singular ODEs by Nearby Regular Ones: Theoretical and Computational Issues KFUPM 2004 2007 CI  Completed 
Inequalities for Fractional Differential Equations KFUPM 2007 2008 PI Completed
Inverse problems for fractional heat equation with Hilfer derivative KFUPM 2013 2014 PI Completed
Higher order accurate numerical solutions for time fractional diffusion problems KFUPM 2013 2014 CI Completed
A fractional-order neural network model for oil reservoir simulation KACST 2016 2018 CI Completed
Reconstruction of time-dependent source term in fractional diffusion equations with Hilfer derivative KFUPM 2016 2017 PI Completed
On nonexistence of global solutions for a class of fractional integro-differential problems KFUPM 2016 2018 PI Completed
Stability of solutions of some nonlinear fractional differential equations KFUPM 2017 2019 CI Completed
Characterization of the effects of fractures using non-Darcy flow fractional models ARAMCO 2018 2019 PI In progress