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Ph.D. Optimization (1993)   Dundee University, Scotland, UK.  Advisor: Professor Roger Fletcher                                           

MS  Numerical Analysis (1989)   Dundee University, Scotland, UK.Advisor: Professor David Griffiths

                                             B.Sc.  Mathematics (1986) King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Employment History

2009- Present: Professor, 2010- Present: Dean College of Sciences, 2005- 2010: Chairman of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics,

2003- 2009: Associate Professor,  2003- 2004: Visiting Assistant Professor, Waterloo University, Waterloo, Canada

Some  Courses taught

Calculus , Linear Algebra, Introduction to Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Engineering Mathematics, Introduction to Numerical Computing, Numerical Analysis, Linear and Nonlinear Programming, Reading and Research “Optimization”.

Editorial Boards of the following ISI Journals

Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications

Journal of Inequalities and Applications

Special Issue "Equilibrium Problems and Fixed Point Theory" in Fixed Point Theory and Applications

Special Issue "Positivity in Variational Analysis and Optumization " in Positivity

 Curriculum Vitae

Some Recent Publications  


R. Jaichander, I. Ahmad K. Kummari and S. Al-Homidan; Robust Nonsmooth Interval-Valued Optimization Problems Involving Uncertainty Constraints, Mathematics; Published: 24 May 2022
I. Ahmada, K. Kummari and S. Al-Homidan; Unified duality for mathematical programming problems with vanishing constraints; Int. J. Nonlinear Anal. Appl. 13 (2022) 2, 3191–3201; Published online: July 2022
Suliman Al-Homidan; Second-order cone and semidefinite methods for the bisymmetric matrix approximation problem; Arabian Journal of Mathematics; Published Online; August 2022
I Ahmad, K Kummari and S Al-Homidan; Sufficiency and Duality for Nonsmooth Interval-Valued Optimization Problems via Generalized Invex-Infine Functions; Journal of the Operations Research Society of China; Published: 06 January 2022
S Al-Homidan, Q Ansari, G Kassay; Bregman type regularization of variational inequalities with Mosco approximation of the constraint set; Positivity, 26(1), 3; Published Online: 8 February 2022



Suliman Al-HomidanSemi–Definite Programming for the Nearest Circulant Semi–Definite Matrix Problem, Carpathian Journal of Mathematics37(1) 13 – 22, 2021.
Suliman Al-Homidan, Computing the Nearest Circulant Positive Semi--Definite Matrix  to a Noisy  matrixJournal of Nonlinear and Convex Analysis, 22(2) 309-319, 2021.
Suliman Al-Homidan, Low-Rank Approximation of Circulant Matrix to a Noisy Matrix, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 46, 3287–3292, 2021.
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Chadli O., Ansari Q., Al-Homidan S., and M. Alshahrani, Optimal Control of Problems Governed by Mixed Quasi-Equilibrium Problems Under Monotonicity-Type Conditions with Applications, Applied Mathematics and Optimization, 83(3), 2185–2209, 2021.
Al-Homidan S., and  L. Shaalan, Approximation of quasiconvex functions by neatly quasiconvex functions.  Optimization letters, 15, 979–989, 2021.
Al-Homidan S., Ali  B. and Suleiman I., Generalized split feasibility problem for multi-valued Bregman quasi-nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 161, 437–451, 2021.
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M Wang, XB Li, J Chen, S Al-Homidan; On Radius of Robust Feasibility for Convex Conic Programs with Data Uncertainty; Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization, 1-29; November 2021
X Ou, S Al-Homidan, QH Ansari, J Chen; Image space analysis for uncertain multiobjective optimization problems: Robust optimality conditions; Journal of Industrial & Management Optimization; Published Online: November 2021
Singh, V; Ahmad, I; Gupta, SK; Al-Homidan, S; Duality for Multiobjective Variational Problems under Second-Order (Phi, rho)-Invexity; FILOMAT; September 2021
Chadli O., Ansari Q., and Al-Homidan S.; Augmented Lagrangian methods for Optimal Control Problems Governed by Mixed Equilibrium Problems with Application to Hemivariational Inequalities and their Control; Optimal Control, Applications and Methods; March 2021
Chen J., Al-Homidan S., Ansari Q., Li J. and Lv Y.; Robust Necessary Optimality Conditions for Nondifferentiable Complex Fractional Programming with Uncertain Data; Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications; March 2021
X. Lia, S. Al-Homidan, Q. Ansari and J. Yao; A sufficient condition for asymptotically well behaved property of convex polynomials; Operations Research Letters; August 2021
S. Al-Homidan, Q. Ansari and M. Islam; Existence results and two step proximal point algorithm for equilibrium problems on Hadamard manifolds; Carpathian Journal of Mathematics; June 2021


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Al-Homidan S., Ansar Q., Babu F. and Yao J. Viscosity Method With A _-Contraction Mapping For Hierarchical Variational Inequalities On Hadamard Manifolds, Fixed Point Theory, 21(2) 561-584, 2020.
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