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1997                 - BS degree in Mathematics, KFUPM.

2003                 - M. Sc. degree in Mathematics, KFUPM.

2012                 -Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

My PhD Thesis entitled: " Numerical Evolution Methods of Rational Form for Reaction Diffusion Equations."  Abstract



1998                         Dhahran High School, teacher.

1999-2003               Graduate Assistant at the Mathematical Department at KFUPM.

2003-2012               Lecturer at the Mathematical Department at KFUPM.

2012-present            Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics at KFUPM.

2015                         Director of Student Success Center at KFUPM


2003-2004               Chair of the Web Resources committee-Preparatory Year Math Program.

2003-2004               member of three committees - Preparatory Year Math Program.

2000-2004               Trainer and Courses Editor for training programs in RAIZ-Development & Training center.

1998-2000               Financial Manager in Al-Nokhba Group.

2001-2003              Culture Programs Coordinator in Al-Nokhba Group

2013                        Chair of Gifted Students Program at KFUPM. 

2103                        Coordinator of Gifted Students Unit at KFUPM

2102 -                     Coordinator in Academic Leadership Center



2006-2011            V. President of Saudi Learning Centre in Ottawa.

2006-2011            Finical Manger  of Saudi Learning Centre in Ottawa.

2009                      President of Saudi Student Club in Ottawa.

2010-2011            Consultant for Saudi Student Association at Carleton University.

2010-2012            Board member of Youth committee-Assunnah Muslims Association AMA Canada.

2008                      Participate in Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest.



1999-2003           Prep year Math CAL & Calculus problem session.

2003-2005           College of Algebra and Trigonometry.

2012 -                   Calculus I and II

2014-                   Numerical Analysis


Conference & Membership

- member of  the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS).

- member of  the  Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. 

- attend the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics annual meeting, 2008, Ottawa, Canada.

- attend the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Conference (ICIAM), 2010, Vancouver. a poster  was presented.

- attend CMS Winter Meeting, 2011, Toronto.  a poster  was presented.

- attend workshops by MITACS, Canada.

- attend and present in the European Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Application (ENUMATH) conference, August 2013, Switzerland.

- attend and present in the International Congress of Mathematicians, August 2014, COEX, Seoul, Korea

- attend and present in Brazilian Congress of Young Researchers in Pure and Applied Mathematics, December 2014, São Paulo, Brazil.

- attend and present in International Conference on Scientific Computation And Differential Equations, September 2015, Potsdam, Germany.



2009                    Certificate in University Teaching from Carleton University.

SKILLS                 MATLAB, Maple, Office , Macromedia Flash and Authorware, ....

REFERENCES        Personal references available upon request.