Material for ICS 444 (Computer and Network Security)


Week 1 (Introduction and Setting up the environment)

Linux Basic Commands
Instructions to set up a virtual wireless network in Ubuntu

Vim Editor Basics
TCP-IP video Tutorial (flv file, you need an flv player)

C Language
Python Language

Week 2 (Introduction to Security and Cryptography)

Introduction To Security (Slides, WebCT)
Introduction To Cryptography (Slides, WebCT)

Video: Cybercrime toolkits

Week 3 (Cryptography Algorithms)

DES (Slides, WebCT)
AES (Slides, WebCT)
RSA (Slides, WebCT)

JCrypTool: An educational tool for cryptography
CrypTool: Cryptography tool with animations

Week 4 (Cryptography Algorithms)

Hash Functions (Slides, WebCT)
Digital Signature (Slides, WebCT)
Key Distribution (Slides, WebCT)

Primitive Roots in Diffie-Hellman Key exchange

Week 5 (Security Protocols)

SSL/TLS (Slides, WebCT)
IPSec (Slides, WebCT)

Week 6 (Protecting Systems and OS)

Protecting Systems (Slides, WebCT)

Smashing the stack for fun and profit (main BO article)
Smashing the stack in 2011 (to disable protection measures)

Buffer Overflow Article (Must read)
Another tutorial on buffer overflows

B.O. examples covered in class:

        To disable stack protection with gcc, use the option: -fno-stack-protection
        To generate a string with 50 A, you can use the perl script: $(perl '-e print "A" x 50')

ollydbg tool


Week 7 (Network Vulnerabilities)

Network Vulnerabilities (Slides, WebCT)

Simple Filter for active MITM attack

Cain & Abel Network Sniffing tool (if you can't get it from the official website, you can download it here)

       Netcat Backdoor tool (if you can't get it from the official website, you can download it here)


Week 8 (Network Security)

Network Security (Slides, WebCT)

Buffer Overflow Video


Week 9 (Access Control and Authentication)

Access Control and Authentication (Slides, WebCT)

How Rainbow Tables work (very well explained)