ICS103 (073)

Comp. Prog. in C LAB



Quizzes and attendance.



The description of the project.

Syllabus 073


The goal to achieve, grading policy, tentative time schedule.

Lab 01


How to use Windows, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Turbo C.

Lab 02

Data Types

To apply the Software Development Method using C-language.

Lab 03

Arithmetic Expression

Learn using operators, expressions and math functions.

Lab 04


Learn to use if, if-else, and switch statements.

Lab 05


Learn to use for, while, and do-while statements.

Lab 06

Text File

Learn how to use text files manipulation functions.

Lab 07

Function with Input Parameters

Learn how to write user defined functions.

Lab 08

Function with Output Parameters

Learn how to write user defined functions with Output Parameters -using pointers & recursive functions.

Lab 09

One Dimensional Array

Learn how to declare and use one dimensional array.

Lab 10

One Dimensional Array

How to use 1-D array with functions.

Lab 11

One Dimensional Array

Linear search, Binary search and Buble Sort.

Lab 12


How to use strings in C.

Lab 13

2D Array

Learn how to declare and use two dimensional array.