Visiting Adjunct Professor

Moataz Ahmed

LEROS Tech. Corp.

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The ICS Department's Adjunct Prof. Moataz A. Ahmed and the Chief Technology Officer of LEROS Technologies Corporation is visiting our department from Apr. 19th to Apr. 23rd, 2008. He will be giving some great research seminars, workshops and/or short-courses in software engineering. This site contains the details of his visit program.


Office: Bldg 22, Room 312






Dr. Ahmed is currently the Chief Technology Officer, LEROS Technologies Corporation, and its subsidiary, SONEX Enterprises, Inc., Fairfax, Virginia.  He has been the principal investigator for the government projects related to the R&D of intelligent agent technology for the next generation C3I systems; the continuous early system validation environment, the independent/integrated system assurance software tool suite, and NASA lessons learned process integration. 


Dr. Ahmed is associated with a number of universities in the US as well as overseas to include George Mason University, University of Milan, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, and Arab Academy for Science and Technology.  His teaching interests include Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering.  He worked as a software architect in several software houses. 


His research interests include soft computing based software engineering especially software testing, software reuse, and cost estimation; software metrics and quality models; and case-based reasoning and experience reuse within the context of decision making.  He has supervised a number of theses and published a number of technical papers in refereed journals and conferences in these areas.  Dr. Ahmed has been a referee for a number of technical journals and conferences.  He served as a guest editor of the Information Sciences Journal in more than one occasion.  Dr. Ahmed is a member of a number of professional associations.  He was classified as Outstanding Researcher by the US INS.