Current Course

     ICS 324 Database Systems (072)

Undergraduate Courses Taught

     ICS 410 Programming Languages (062)

     ICS 101 Introduction to Computer Programming (851,852,861,862,963)

     ICS 201 Introduction to Computer Science (862)

     ICS 242 Introduction to Mathematical Logic (921)

     ICS 352 Programming Languages (921,922)

     ICS 313 Fundamentals of Programming Languages (991,052)

     ICS 331 Systems Software (922,931,981)

     ICS 334 Database Systems (941,972,001,011)

Graduate Courses Taught

     ICS 584 Introduction to Automatic Theorem Proving (941)

Senior Projects Supervised (ICS 411)

I coordinated more than 55 senior projects during the semester 012,021,022,031,032,041.

See the Projects List.

Supervision of Co-op Trainees (ICS 351-352-353)

I supervised more than 45 Coop students during the semester 012,013, 022,023

See the Detailed List.

Supervision/Membership of M.S. Theses

Member in the Committee for Mr. Shahid Ali Thesis titled Scheduling and Allocation of High-Level synthesis Using Genetic Algorithm, for his MS in Computer Science in June 1994. (Available at KFUPM Library: Call No. A1 .A662)

Advisor for Mr. Amir Hashmi Thesis titled Timing Driven Routing for Standard Cell Design, for his MS in Computer Science in June 1995. (Available at KFUPM Library: Call No. A1.H3726)

Advisor for Mr. Mohammad Farook Thesis titled Component Selection and Pipelining Using Stochastic Evolution, for his MS in Computer Science in June 1996. (Available at KFUPM Library: Call No. A1.F3722)