Research Interests

- Software metrics and measurement - Object-oriented analysis and design - Software maintenance and evolution - Empirical software engineering - Computational intelligence in software engineering - Big data in software engineering

Recent Research Grants

- Principal Investigator, A Quantitative Assessment of Modularity and Functional Correctness of Structural Design Patterns in Open Source Software. - Principal Investigator, Software Clones Effect on Functional Correctness of Object-Oriented Classes. - Co-Investigator, Embracing Robustness Analysis and Diagrams to Improve Software Development. - Principal Investigator, A Hybrid Computational Framework for Software Development Effort Estimation. - Co-Investigator, Improving the Quality of Misuse Case Models. - Co-Investigator, Classification of Aspect-Oriented Refactoring Methods Based on Software Quality Attributes. - Principal Investigator, A Measurement Framework for Aspect-Oriented Systems.

Graduate Thesis Supervision

- Yasser Al-Ghamdi, “Impact of Code Cloning on Functional Correctness of Object-Oriented Classes,” MS Thesis, KFUPM. - Bashar Ahmed, “Coding Standards Violations Impact on Software Faults,” MS Thesis, KFUPM. - Mawal Ali, “Modularity and Functional Correctness Evaluation of Design Patterns,” MS Thesis, KFUPM. - Ali Al-Yafei, “A Comprehensive Empirical Validation of Package-Level Metrics for Object-Oriented Systems,” MS Thesis, KFUPM. - Hamoud Aljamaan, “Software Quality Assessment using Ensemble Models,” MS Thesis, KFUPM. - Mojeeb Al-Khiaty, “Software Evolution Metrics for Object-Oriented Software Changeability Prediction,” MS Thesis, KFUPM. - Ali Al-Zouri, “Empirical Validation of Class Coupling Metrics as Changeability Indicators in Software Evolution,” MS Thesis, KFUPM.