About me


1. Master of Psychology, University of Zagazig (Egypt) in 1983, graduated (Excellent) with a honor.

2. Doctor of Clinical Psychology from Ain Shams University in partnership with the Department of Psychology ,Institute of Psychiatry, University of London in 1988 (First Class Honors).

3. Diploma from the Institute of Systems training the mind to connect the strategic, Germany in 2007.

4. Diploma training of trainers from the British College of Emerald in 2007.

Current Positions:

• Associate Professor of clinical Psychology, Department of Global and Social Studies, Faculty of Applied and Supporting Studies, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

• Consultant clinical psychologist at Deanship of Student Affairs, KFUPM.

• Professor of clinical Psychology at University of Benha, Egypt, from April 2005 till now.

Committees served:

1. The Student Affairs Committee in the academic year 2004/2005, KFUPM.

2. The Research Status of Guidance and Counseling, KFUPM, from 2004 until now.

3. The Induction Week for New Students, KFUPM, from 2004 until now.

4. The Development of Subjects at the Faculty of Applied and Supporting Studies, KFUPM, from 2007 until now.

5. The Development Projects for Academic and Personal Skills, KFUPM, from 2007 until now.

Membership of Scientific Associations:

1. Egyptian Society for Psychology.

2. Egyptian Assembly for the treatment of psychological addiction.

3. Psychological Association Egyptian childhood disabilities.

4. The British Society for Psychology.

Previous Positions:

1 - Trainee of the Maudsley Hospital, a psychiatric and mental health, University of London in the period from June 1985 to September 1987.

3 - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, King Saud University, from September 1989 to September 1991.

4 - Consultant psychologist and head of Mental Health ,Al Amal Hospital, Dammam, from Sept, 1992 to Sept, 2000.

5 - Participation in the design and implementation of treatment programs for addiction, treatment and development of sections of the internal and external, Al Amal Hospital, Dammam.

6 - Coach training program for psychiatrist, psychologists and social workers, Al Amal Hospital in Dammam, from 1992 till 2000.

7 - Certified Trainer for personal skills program, KFUPM, from 2004 until now.

8 - Certified instructor, the upgrade project for training at KFUPM, from 2008 until now.