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Dr. Waleed M. Abdulghani

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Petroleum Geology
Project Project Title Start Date End Date Project Mgr. Amount (SAR)


Petrophysical Rock Typing of the Arab-D Reservoir in the Mezaleej Field 12-04-2004 12-02-2004 Dr. Salih Saner 997,450
CPM2235 Sedimentological and Petrological Description of Qatif Cores, (Phase II) 01-04-2003 01-11-2003 Dr. Oguz Irtem 150,400
CPM2237 Wavelet Phase Preserving Estimation Using Fourth-Order Cumulant for Deconvolution 13-03-2004 12-03-2005 Dr. Waleed Abdulghani 262,505
CPM2240 Electrical Parameters and Capillary Pressure Measurements and Analyses 08-05-2004 07-05-2007 Dr. Salih Saner 3,055,564
CPM2252 Developing Fuzzy Logic Modelling Capability 20-06-2005 20-05-2006 Dr. A. Abdulraheem 568,562
CPM2263 Pore Network Petrological Characterization of Arab D/Ghawar and Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia 01-10-2005 30-04-2006 Dr. Waleed Abdulghani 1,370,000