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DR. Ali Al D. Al-Ghamdi has more than twenty five years of R&D experience in the field of environmental protection and Management. In addition he is well grounded in business and administration. He is a cofounder and ex-board member of the Saudi Society for Technology Development and Transfer (SSTDT). Also, he is the founder and adviser of the environment and sustainable development club (Earth’ana).



Dr. Al-ghamdi has a teaching experience for several years; he initiated and taught undergraduate course (GEOL 303) entitled “Sustaining the Earth” and he also developed a new postgraduate course (ENVS 549) entitled “Environmental sustainability” in the Environmental Sciences Master Program where he taught other courses.

He also has instructed short courses such as “Environment and sustainable development”, and the preparation course for university admission.

Other activates

He is a reviewer for the Environment and Ecology Research journal and the Arabian Journal of Geosciences and several universities including KFUPM and KAU Funded Research proposal Committee.


He has participated in several funded projects and carried out independent research in the field of environmental toxicology where he investigated the transfer of the knowledge of international certifying schemes for oil spill treatment products to the Gulf region through the development of regional toxicity testing, biodegradability and efficiency protocols. In this regard, he submitted a proposal to the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment (ROPME) in Kuwait in competition with other Gulf countries, and the proposal was accepted.


DR. Ali Al D. Al-Ghamdi has considerable experience in environmental consulting. He has worked as a consultant for several companies and consulting offices. The consultancy projects were related to various aspects of pollution and environmental control including monitoring, biomonitoring, environmental impact assessment (EIA), etc.

Other Activities

He is a reviewer for several universities in Saudi Arabia including KFUPM and King Abdulaziz University Funded Research Proposal Committee.


DR. Ali Al D. Al-Ghamdi has chaired and participated in several committees (see section X), and organized workshops, symposias, conferences and exhibitions.

He has experience in establishing and managing professional societies; He was the general coordinator of the foundation of the Saudi Society for Technology Development and Transfer (SSTDT). From that platform, he launched the Society's activities and he became its executive director for three years before being elected as a board member.

Furthermore, he was the President of the Saudi Students Club, Manchester, UK, and board member of the Saudi Students Clubs in UK & Ireland.

DR. Ali Al D. Al-Ghamdi has been offered academic (Dean of a Technical College) and managerial (Director of the Innovation Center) positions.


DR. Ali Al D. Al-Ghamdi has important experience in business. He serves as the project manager for establishing a regional logistics and transportation company for Sumou Holding Company. He also serves as the leader for solving the two billion financial crises concerning the investment company of Al-Eed and his partner A. AlGhamdi investing company.

DR. Ali Al D. Al-Ghamdi


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