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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Electrical Engineering Department


Professor of Electrical Engineering

Supervisor of Technology Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Director of Officer of International Cooperation

Secretary General of International Advisory Board







Professional Activities


Robust Shunt Connected FACT Devices for Power System Damping Improvements December 2002 - , Role CI



Seminars Presented

"Volterra Models in Nonlinear Control Design", International Symposium on Mathematics of Network and Systems, Phoenix, USA, 1987.


"Technology Versus Engineering Programs", Riyadh, 1996.


"Active and Reactive Power Control of SMES for Stability Improvement" Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 1996.


"Engineering Programs Evaluation: KFUPM Experience", Symposium on the Development & Enhancement of Engineering Education, Bahrain, February 24-25, 2004.


"Incorporating Industry Needs in Applied Engineering Programs", the 11TH IEEE TECHNICAL EXCHANGE MEETING, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, April 14, 2004.


"Industrial Advisory Committee – KFUPM Experience", Work Shop on Means to Implement the Document of Views of HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Azziz on Higher Education, Jeddah , Saudi Arabia, February 15 - 16 , 2005.


"Cooperative Education Experience at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals", the 14th World Conference on Cooperative Education, Boston, USA, June 14 – 17, 2005.


"New Perspectives on Engineering Education and the Job Market: Challenges, Opportunities", 15th Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference( MEOS), Baharain March 12 2007.


"Involving Stakeholders in Program Lanning And Evaluation", Second National Conference for Quality in Higher Education, Riyadh, October 25 -27, 2009.

"International Collaboration Strategy", IAB meeting No. 9, Saudi Aramco, RasTanura, 9-11 January, 2011.


“The Role of Universities in Creating Technology Entrepreneurship Eco-Systems”, Bader 2nd International Conference on Business Incubation, Riyadh, October 7 - 8, 2012.


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