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This page contains Matlab codes for educational and research purposes.


The codes simulate communication systems, such as MIMO systems, MIMO-OFDM, Convolutional, and Hamming Codes.




1) Basic Signal Space Level Simulation for Digital Modulation over AWGN and Flat Fading Channels. [Download Matlab Codes]

2) MIMO-OFDM Simulation using V-BLAST systems. [Download Matlab Codes]


3) MIMO-OFDM Simulation using STBC systems. [Download Matlab Codes]
4) STBC Simulation. [Download Matlab Codes ]
5) V-BLAST Simulation. [Download Matlab Codes ]
6) Convolutional Code Example. [Download Matlab Codes]
7) Hamming Code Example. [Download Matlab Codes]
8) Spatial Modulation. [Download Matlab Codes]

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