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Noman Ali Tasadduq



  1. “CMOS Polyphase Filters for Dual Bluetooth/WLAN Low-IF Receiver”, KACST 2007 (Co-Investigator, project in progress)

  2. “CMOS Lowpass Filters for Dual Bluetooth/WLAN Direct-Conversion Receiver”, KFUPM Research Committee 2006 (Co-Investigator, project in progress)

  3. “An Integrable 60Hz Notch Programmable Filter”, KFUPM Fast Track, 2007 (Co-Investigator, project in progress)

  4. “Investigation of Techniques for Power Line Communication (PLC)”, KFUPM CES Innovation Grants Scheme, 2005-2006

  5. Development of Digital Systems Engineering (EE390) online course

  6. Development of Electronics II (EE303) online course

  7. Development of Probability and Statistics (EE315) online course

  8. Development of Electronics I (EE203) online course

  9. Development of Basic Circuit Theory (EE201) online course



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