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Lab Members




King Fahd University of Petroleum &  Minerals

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


        NanoPhotonics & Plasmonics Research



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Undergraduate Students

Ali Matar Alhadidi

Light Extraction from GaN Blue/Green LEDs

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Samiya Ali


Plasmonic sensors


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GCC-IEEE 2015 Oman


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(Emad and Shames)

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Summer internship KAUST

2014 (Tri and Irfan)

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Get-together May 2014

(Zia and Waqas graduation)

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Get-together Jan 2014

(Tayyeb graduation)

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Course farewell Jan 2015

EE 530-141

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Zia defense


SSL workshop KAUST 2012

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META 2013 Sharja

(Tayyeb, Zia and Waqas)

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SIECPC 2013 Riyadh

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 Graduate students

Emad AlKhazraji                                                                                           Laser Diodes

MS Student

My research





Irfan Khan (MS)
 Emission Characteristics Quantum Disk in a nano-wire LEDs

April 2015

Tri Bagus Susilo (MS)
 Intermixing Effects on Emission properties of Quantum Disk in a nano-wire Structures

April 2015

W. W. Ahmed (MS)
 Plasmon-enhanced White Light Generation for Phosphor-based GaN LEDs.  

May 2014

M. ZU. Khan (MS)

 A Coupled Electronic-optical Simulation Model of GaN-based LEDs.

 April 2014

M. T. Mujahid

 Nano-scale Plasmonic Resonators for Bio-sensing.

 December 2013

Javeed Mohammed

 Gain Dynamics in Quantum Dot and Quantum Dash Structures.

 December 2012

S. Salmaan

 Active Plasmonics: Surface Plasmon Polariton Modulations.

 December 2011

 Salem A. AlOtaibi

 Development of Advanced GPR Simulation System.

 January 2012


Rakibul Sagor

 Nonlinear Propagation of Surface Plasmon-Polaritons in Chalcogenide Glass.

 June 2011

Fahad A. Al-Khuraish

 Design and Analysis of EBG-based Low-Profile Microstrip Antennas for Wireless Communications.

 June 2010


Fawziah S. AlHajiri

 Modeling and Simulation of Optical Pulse Propagation in Nonlinear Photonic Devices.

 December 2008


Ahmad A. AlJabr

 Investigation of Surface Plasmon Polariton Propagation in Optical Nanostructures.

 August 2008

Aftab Ahmed

 Investigation of Optical Wave Propagation in Negative Index Materials.

 June 2008

Hussein AlMudhaffar

 Vectorial Analysis and Modeling of EM Wave Propagation in Second Order Nonlinear Waveguides.

 May 2007