King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Department of Electrical Engineering


Dr. Mahmoud M. Dawoud


Research Topics Carried Out

  • Study of a direct transfer junction between a coaxial line and a rectangular waveguide based on the magnetic coupling principle.

  • Design and construction of a complete S-band microwave test bench for microwave measurements.

  • Theoretical and experimental studies on the properties of different types of microwave antennas incorporating microwave transistors.

  • Design and measurement of 8-element and 11-element arrays to achieve required radiation properties. Design of wide-band feed network suitable for superdirective arrays was investigated.

  • Studies on the generation of efficient and realizable super directive array functions using a newly developed optimized polynomial approach.

  • Theoretical and experimental studies on the generation and realization of antenna radiation patterns with arbitrarily low side lobe levels.

  • Design and realization of efficient super directive end fire antenna arrays.
    The application of the super directive array function generation to the design of adaptive arrays.

  • Measurements of the complex refractive index of soils and air-borne particles.
    Improving the low-frequency performance of microwave anechoic chambers using signal processing techniques.

  • Design and testing of underwater digital acoustic communication systems.

  • Influence of fading on the probability of error in multipath channels.

  • Design and testing of coding systems for underwater acoustic communications.

  • Enhancement of antenna array performance through the use of tapped delay lines.

  • Adaptive array pattern nulling using element position perturbations.

  • Applications of genetic algorithms to adaptive arrays and nulling techniques.

  • Applications of genetic algorithms to the tuning of power systems.

  • Measurement and management of electric and magnetic fields at power frequency and their effects on human health.

  • Effects of electromagnetic waves at high frequencies and microwaves on human health.

  • Applications of tabu search to adaptive arrays and nulling techniques.

  • Null steering and pattern control in smart antenna systems


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