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Samples of Supervised  Senior Projects

             1)        Cars parking monitoring system


            2)         Direction Finder


            3)         Design and implementation of Electronic Attendance  System


            4)         Design and Implementation of Precise Current Source


            5)         Design and implementation of Micro-Liter injection system phase 1


            6)         Design and implementation of high voltage insulator failure alarm system


            7)         Design of digital compass


            8)         Design and implementation of micro liter injection system phase 2


            9)         Design and implementation of PWM signal decoder


          10)         Design and implementation of a DC and special wave micro-ampere current source


          11)          Design and implementation of wireless sensor node


          12)          Labview based chemical reaction polarization and monitoring


          13)         Design and implementation of Micro-ampere  current source with display


          14)         Design of a universal battery charger


          15)         Detecting  down conductor in high voltage transmission line


          16)        Design and implementation of HV ultrasound Transceiver



          17)        Smart House Project


          18)       Conveyor line for water factory  ( Winner , first prize  GCC competition 2013)


          19)       Conveyor line for tablet factory


          20)     Liquid level monitoring for underground tanks  ( Winner first Prize GCC competition 2015)

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