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Associate Professor



My Research Work


Involved in several funded projects through the Research Institute at KFUPM. The list of theses projects are: Study of Voltage Dips in Jubail Industrial City, Power Quality Standards for SEC-ERB, Electrical Energy Production Costing for Saudi Electricity Sector, Database Energy Consumption for Appliances and Development of Electricity Generation & Transmission Plan for Ministry of Water & Electricity. Two educational Microelectronics online courses projects were developed for E-Learning center at KFUPM. These research projects reach over $2,000,000 in funding.

Programmable Logic Controllers applications to industrial plants and manufacturing. Power electronics circuits and their application to industry in motors control and power supplies using intelligent control theory. Consultation in different areas of electrical engineering such as modeling, design, and simulation of ac induction motor controls.

Investigated the cause of fire on an L-1011 airplane with Prof. Francis M. Wells. Performed complex tracing work on the electrical systems of the airplane such as cable installations, device protections, circuit breakers, and audio systems.

Conducted tests on DC-motors to determine a better performance from the point of view of the efficiency and the temperature effect; also tested small power supplies to estimate the effect of the temperature on the output voltage at rated load.

Research and development in power systems including load flow, short circuit study,  and system planning.  Determined the regional power demand for four cities over the next 30 years, and system planning distribution  of 66/20/0.4 KV.  This research is classified as:

·        Modification of the network distribution on the low voltage side and replacement of some of the old feeders by proper feeders to help meet future demands.

·        Planning sub-substations (20/0.4 KV) in and near residential areas, small factories, and businesses.       

·        Proposed substations (66/20 KV) based on the network distribution for residential, business, and industrial areas.



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