Dr. Maan A. Kousa

Associate Professor,

Electrical Engineering Department

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals





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Supervised Master Thesis:

[1]          Performance of TC under Designed Interleaving and Puncturing Conditions.     (Completed in June 99)

[2]          Performance of p/4 QAM over Nakagami Fading Channels with Diversity.         (Completed in Mar 00)

[3]          Error Control Schemes for ATM Networks.                                                              (Completed in May 00)

[4]          Reliability Study of ATM Networks                                                                             (Completed in June 01)

[5]          Improved Algorithms for the Decoding of Turbo Codes.                                         (Completed in June 01)

[6]          Combined Diversity/Coding Schemes for Time-Varying Channels.                      (Completed in November 2003)

[7]        LDPC Design for Cooperative Coding                                                                     (Completed June 2012)

[8]        Long-Range WSN for Industrial Applications.                                                           (In Progress)

A committee member for over 30 Thesis in the areas of Communications and Electronics.