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Associate Professor



My Research Work

M.S. Thesis Supervision


I. Joint Advisor for the following M.Sc. Thesis:
PH.D. Thesis Supervision
  • Ali, Syed Saad Azhar, "U-model based multivariable nonlinear adaptive control", January 2007

II.  Committee Member for the following Ph.D. Thesis
III. Committee Member for the following M.Sc. Thesis
Ph.D. Entrance & Comprehensive Exams
  • Mantawy, Abdel-Aal H.

  • Abido, Mohamed Ali Y

Technical Reports
  • “Feasibility Study of Frequency Conversion at the Military Factory Complex in Al-Kharj” (A research project funded by Military Industries Corporation).

  • “WIND ENERGY FOR REMOTE VILLAGES” Final report submitted to Saudi Electricity Company, Riyadh, May 2005.

  • “Electric energy production costing for the Saudi Electricity Sector”, Final report submitted to Electricity and Cogeneration Regularity, Riyadh, May 2005.


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