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Associate Professor



My Research Work

  • Partitioning Techniques for Power System State Estimation Networks

  • Effect Of Measurement Types And Numbers On The Performance Of Power System State Estimators

  • Observability Analysis for Power Systems State Estimation Networks

  • Comparative Studies of Robust Power Systems State Estimators for Bad Data Identification

  • Voltage Dips: Characteristics, Assessment and Mitigation

  • Voltage Dips Studies and Problems

  • Environmental Effect on Polymer Insulator Properties

  • The Importance of Polymer Insulator in Substations

  • The Importance of Polymer Insulator in Overhead Transmission Lines

  • Electric and Magnetic Field Guidelines Evaluation and Magnetic Field Exposures

  • Investigation of Voltage Harmonics and Unbalance in Transmission Network – Analysis of Measurements

  • Generation Planning For Saudi Electricity Sector


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