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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Electrical Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohamed Abdul Haleem

 Senior Member, IEEE


Research Areas

  • Distributed MIMO Radar: Distributed MIMO Radar features resolution capabilities far exceeding conventional radars. Current research includes waveform design for high resolution location Doppler estimation and techniques to reduce ambiguity due to side lobes.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Typical wireless sensor networks consist of a large number of inexpensive sensors communicating with each other. The research is on the use of distributed algorithms and joint approaches to data compression, encryption and communication.
  • Channel Adaptive Rate Assignment, Scheduling and Data encryption in Wireless networks:  This work is concerned with achieving information theoretic communication capacity using adaptive techniques at multiple layers in achieving optimal trade-off  between performance and security.



Current Projects

  1. WiMAX System Optimization, Sponsored by KACST, Saudi Arabia  
  2. Tagged User Analysis (TUA), Sponsored by DSR, KFUPM.  

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