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Thesis Supervision

  • Hussain Masoudi, "Effect of Elevated Tropospheric Layer on Radio wave Propagation in Surface Duct".  May 1989. 

  • Majid Jafar Al-Majid, "Method of Lines Analysis of Gaussian Beam Coupling to Dielectric Slab Waveguide". February 1994. [pdf]

  •  Mohammad Nadeem Akram,  “Analysis of Anti-Resonant Reflecting Optical waveguide Grating Using the Method of Lines”. April 2000. [pdf]

  •  Fahhad Al-Harbi, “Implementation of a Full Vectorial Method of Lines Analysis in the Study of Metal Clad Rib Waveguide”. December 2000.

  • Muhammad Ajmal Khan, “Analysis of Metal-Clad TM-Pass Polarizers Using the Method of Lines”. February 2001. [pdf]

  •  Muhammed Abdul Majid, “Analysis of Multi-Layer ARROW Planar Waveguide for Evanescent Field Enhancement in Low-Index Media”. September 2001.

  • Alisher Abdullah, “Analysis and Application of Evanescent Field Enhancement in Multi-Layer ARROW Waveguide”. May 2002.

  • Khan, Mohammed Zahed,Automation of the Method of Lines for the Analysis of Optical Waveguides with Arbitrary Longitudinal Discontinuities”. April 2004. [pdf]

  • Mohammad Ammerunddin, “Analysis of Waveguide Junctions and Beam Splitters using the Method of Lines with Padé Approximants”. June 2004. [pdf]

  • Mohammad Mahbub Islam,Analysis of Directional Couplers with Imbedded Resonant Cavities”. May 2005. [pdf]

  • Mohammad Sameer, "Analysis of Wavelength Selective Directional Coupler with Air Grooves". January 2008. [pdf]

  •  Mohammed Misbahuddin, "Analysis of Add/Drop Optical Waveguide Filters with Planar Cavity Shapes". January 2008. [pdf]



Thesis Committee Membership

  • Adel Hasan, "Modes of Nonlinear Optical Fibers".  January 1993.

  •  Umar Johar, "All Optical Reflectivity Modulation Utilizing Surface Plasmon Resonance".  December 1992.

  • Ahmad Shittu, “Study of Periodic Waveguides by the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method and the Method of Lines”. September 1994.

  • Essam Zaki, “Analysis of Ionized Field Around Multiphase Power Transmission Lines”. November 1995.

  •  Mahammad Nuruzzaman, “Null Steering in Planar Antenna Array Using Genetic Algorithm”.  June 1998.

  • Mohammed Al-Juwaid, “Transimpedence Preamplifier for Optical Communication”.  1998.

  •  Nadeem Ather, “Null Steering and Pattern Control in Smart Antenna Arrays”. Thesis Defended in March 2001.

  • Mohammed Noore Mazher, Null Steering in Phased Arrays By Phase Variations Using Genetic Algorithm”. June 2005.

  • Hussein M.  Al-Mudhaffar, "Vectorial Analysis and Modeling of EM Wave propagation in Second Order Nonlinear Waveguide Structures". June 2007.

  • Ahmed Aftab, "Investigation of Optical Wave Propagation in Negative Index Materials". June 2008.

  • Ahmad Al-Jabr, "Investigation on Surface Plasmon Polaritons Propagation in Optical Nanostructures". August 2008.

  • Mohammed Mujahaid, "Nano-Scale Plasmonic Resonator for Biosensing". Dec. 2013.

  • Mohammed Zia Khan, "A Coupled Electronic-Optical Simulation Model of GaN-based LEDs". May 2014.

  • Waqas Ahmed, "Plasmon-Enhanced White Light Generation in Phosphor based GaN LEDs". May 2014.

  • Irfan Khan, "Plasmon-Enhanced White Light Generation in Phosphor based GaN LEDs". April 2015.

  • Bagus Susilo, "Intermixing Effects in Emission Properties of Quantum Disk in Nanowire (QD-NW) LED Structures". April 2015.

  • Salah Al-Ofi, "The Effect of Gap Between the Sample and the Cell Wall on the Measurements from Coaxial-Circular Cells". May 2015.

  • Mahfuz Ullah, "Effects on Microwave Signal Propagation Due to Layer Based Intensity Variation of Sand and Dust Storms". In progess.






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