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My Journal Publications

  • Essam Hassan,"  Recurrence Formula For The Impulse Response Coefficients Of The SincN FIR Filter" The Electronics Letters, Vol.42, No.15, July 20th 2006, pp 850-851.

  • Hassan Ragheb and Essam Hassan,” Analysis of suspended strip in a circular cylindrical waveguide” Applied Comp.Electromag. Society Journal., Vol.19, No.3, pp 165-169, Nov.2004

  • Essam Hassan, “ Simple solution of generalized planar transmission lines”; Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering(AJSE), Vol.29, No. 2B, Oct. 2004, pp 127-134.

  • Essam Hassan,” Modal solution of generalized planar transmission lines”;  IEE proceedings, microwaves, antennas and propagation. Vol. 150, No.3, June 2003, pp 131-136 

  • Essam Hassan, "Design of linear phase data transmission filter with high immunity to time jittering",  Int. J. of Electronics and Communications (AEU), 55 (2001), No.3, 179-184. 

  • Husain Al- Maghrabi and Essam Hassan,” Linear phase modified duobinary data transmission filter,”  Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE), Vol.25, No.1C, June 2000.

  • Essam Hassan and Hassan Ragheb," On the design of linear phase Nyquist filter",   IEE.Proc. Circuits Devices Syst., Vol.143, No.3, June 1996, pp 139-142.

  • Hassan Ragheb and Essam Hassan," Radiation characteristics of slots on conducting  circular cylinder covered by eccentric dielectric cylinder",  IEE. Proc.-Microwave, .Antennas  Propag., Vol. 142, No.2, April 1995, pp 168-172.

  • Essam Hassan," On a class of Huffman's self synchronous gapped source codes", Int. J. of Electronics  and Comm. (AUE), Vol. 48, No.3, May 1994, pp 170-172

  • Essam Hassan," Effect of pulse shaping as a counter measure for frequency selective fading," Electronics Letters, Vol. 30, No. 5, March 1994, pp 386-387.

  • Essam Hassan," Time domain energy maximization of the Nyquist pulse shape," Int. J. Electronics., Vol 76, No. 2, Feb. 1994, pp 213-219

  • Ahmed Al-Soualhi and Essam Hassan,: Simplified expression for the expected error span recovery for variable length codes," Int. J. Electronics, Vol. 75, No. 5, Nov. 1993, pp 811-816.

  • M.El-Hennawey, A.Zerguine and Essam Hassan," Non-Equally Fractionally -Spaced  Equalizers", Electron. Letters., Vol. 26, No. 16, August 1990, pp. 1254-1256.

  • Essam E. Hassan," Field Solution And Propagation Characteristics Of The                           Monofilar-Bifilar Modes Of Axially Slotted Coaxial Cable", IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., Vol. MTT-37, No.1, January 1989, pp 553-557.

  • Salah. Al-Majdoub and Essam Hassan," Simplified Numerical Approach To -Mueller's Design Of Optimum Linear Phase Pulse Shaping Filter", Electron Letters., Vol. 24, No. 6,  March 1988, pp 324-326.

  • Essam E. Hassan," Simple Solution Of Dispersion Characteristics Of Shielded Strip Line,"  Proc. IEE, Vol. 134, pt. H, No. 6, Dec. 1987, pp 566-568.

  • Essam E. Hassan," Field Solution, Polarization And Eigenmodes Of Shielded Microstrip Transmission Line", IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech. , Vol. MTT-34, No. 8, August 1986,  pp 845-852.

  • Essam E. Hassan," Electromagnetic Distance Measurements Along A Path Of                    Non-Linearly Varying Humidity", Surveying And Mapping Journal, Vol. 46, 8-No. 1, March 1986,  pp 41-45.

  • L. Shafai and Essam Hassan," Field Distribution And Radiation Field Of Axial Slots On Circular Waveguides", Proc. IEE, Vol. 128, pt. H, No. 5, Oct. 1981, pp 263-267.

  • L. Shafai and Essam Hassan," Field Solution And Electrical Characteristics Of Slotted Waveguides", Proc. IEE, Vol. 128, pt. H, No. 2, April 1981, pp 87-94.

  • Essam Hassan and M. Hamid," Non-Linear Scattering By A Polyconductor Slab", Int. J.of  Electronics And Comm. (AEU)., Vol. 29, No. 2, Sept. 1975, pp 379-388.


My Conference Publications

  1. Essam Hassan," Design of optimal narrow band filter for delta sigma modulator", presentatied in the 2nd international conference on information and communication technologies, ICTTA'06, Damascus, Syria, April 24-28, 2006.

  2. Essam Hassan and Hassan Ragheb," Effect of geometrical perturbation on the radiation pattern of parabolic reflector",  presentated in the 3rd industrial, electrical and electronic GCC conference, Bahrain, 19-22 March, 2006 .

  3. Hassan Ragheb and Essam Hassan," Approximate Solution For a Plane Wave Scattered by N  Dielectric Coated Conducting Strips", presented in the 22nd International review of progress of applied computational EM (ACES 2006), Miami, Florida, March 2006

  4. Hassan Ragheb and Essam Hassan, ” Multiple scattering of plane electromagnetic waves by two dielectric coated conducting strips”, presented and published in the 2005 IEEE/ACES International conference on wireless comm.. and Applied comput. Electromagnetics, Hawaii, April 2005.

  5. Essam Hassan and Hassan Ragheb,”   On the development of non conventional surface reflector antennas”, presented and published in the 2nd IEEE-GCC meeting, Bahrain, Nov. 2004.

  6. Essam Hassan,” Electromagnetic distance measurements along a path of non linearly varying humidity using pulsed radar system”, First GCC industrial electrical and electronics conference, Bahrain, May 13-14, 2003.  

  1. Essam Hassan and Group k Capstone project, semester(011),” Off axis inclination measurement of drilling shafts”;  presented and published in the conference preceedings of the 6th Saudi Engineering Conference  held in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, December 2002.

  2. Essam Hassan,” Modal analysis of multilayered conductors in multilayered dielectric strip lines,” 1998 IEEE AP-S. International Symposium and USNC/ URSI National Radio Science Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, June 21-26, 1998, pp 1484-1487.

  3. Hassan Ragheb and Essam Hassan," Radiation by an axial slot on a dielectric eccentric cylinder," Symp. on Antenna Tech. and Applied Electromag., Ottawa, Canada,  August 1994, pp 643-646

  4. Uthman Baroudi and Essam Hassan," Performance of different pulse shapes on frequency selective fading," Proc. of Int. Conference on Telecom., Dubai, Jan 1994

  5. Essam Hassan and Ahmed Al-Soualhi," On the synchronization of Arabic codes", Proceeding of the 11th national computer conf., KFUPM, March 1989, pp 299-308.

  6. Essam Hassan and A. Minkara," Minimization Of Memory Storage Size In Multilingual Translation", IASTED Proceedings, Vancouver, Canada, June 1986, pp 458-459.

  7. Essam Hassan," Bifilar-Monofilar Fields And Propagation Modes Of Axially Slotted Coaxial Cables", Third International Conference on Antenna and Propagation (ICAP 83),  Norwich, UK, April 1983, pp 399-401.

  8. Essam Hassan," On The Polarization Of  TEM- Like Modes In Shielded Microstrip Transmission Line", Proceeding Of The 12th European Microwave Conference, Helsinki,  Finland, Sept. 1982, pp 317-321.

  9. Essam Hassan and L. Shafai," Radiation From Slotted Circular Waveguide", IEEE ,AP-S. Symposium, May 1978, pp 2-4.

  10. Essam Hassan and M. Hamid," Scattering By A Polyconductor Slab", IEEE, AP-S.- Symposium, Georgia, Atlanta, June 1974.


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