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P1.        Member of the NP-SAMIS Project, KACST, January 1992-September 1992.Developed the software for the project: Synthesis and Analysis programs for speech using LPC10 (Military Standard) around the TMS320C30.


P2.        Mixed l2-lp Norm Adaptive Algorithms for System Identification: Application to Echo Cancellation. KFUPM funding Project PH/ECHO/193, October 1998-October 2000, Principal Investigator.



P3.        Adaptive Suppression of Multi-user Interference in a 3G W-CDMA System, KACST, AT-21-58, March 2003-March 2006, Co-Investigator.



P4.        Development of a New Blind Equalization Algorithm using Minimum-Disturbance Technique with Applications to Communication Channels. Fast Track Grants, FT2003/1, May 2003-November 2004, Principal Investigator.



P5.         Convergence and Steady-State Analysis of the Normalized Least Mean Fourth Algorithm: Application to Mobile Communications. Fast Track Grants, FT2004/2, September 2004-January 2006, Principal Investigator.


P6.        Performance Evaluation of a Soft Decision Based Least Mean Fourth (LMF) Algorithm: Applications to Wireless Communications. KFUPM funding, September 2006-September 2008, Principal Investigator.


P7.        Development of a Tracking System for Moving Targets. Fast track/SABIC funding, September 2006-April 2008, Co-Investigator. 


P8.        A Fast Variable-Step Size Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Multiple Constraints. Fast track/SABIC funding, September 2006-February 2008, Principal Investigator. 


P9.        Estimation of Time-Variant Channels and ICI Cancellation in OFDM. KACST, November 2007-November 2009, Co-Investigator.


P10.    Blind Equalization of Mobile Radio Channels Using Higher-Order Statistics. Under preparation for Graduate Studies, KFUPM funding, Principal Investigator.




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