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My Recent Conference Publications

Mohamed Adnan Landolsi, Ali Hussein Muqaibel, and Abdallah Said Al-Ahmari "Near-Far Problem Impact on Mobile Radiolocation Accuracy in CDMA Wireless Cellular Networks" ,14th IEEE International Conference On Telecommunications (ICT) and 8th IEEE Malaysia International Conference on Communications (MICC),  14th-17th May 2007, Penang, Malaysia.

Technical Reports


Development of Robust Techniques for Mobile Phone Location in Wireless CDMA Networks  Funded by King AbdulAziz City of Science and Technology (KACST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Project # 24-87: "Development of Robust Techniques to Aid Mobile Phone Location in Wireless CDMA Networks", Final Report, Mohamed Adnan Al-Andalusi, Abdallah Said Al-Ahmari, and  Ali Hussein Muqaibel, October 2008


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