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Reviewer and Editorial Services

  1. 1999-Now, Reviewer for IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems CAS-I

  2. 1999-Now, Reviewer for IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems CAS-II

  3. 1999-2001, Reviewer for International Journal of Electronics.

  4. 2004-Now, Reviewer for IEE Proceedings.

  5. 2003-Now, Reviewer for several International Conferences.

University Committees

  1. Gifted Students Program Committee (2004-2005)

  2. Bid and Tender Committee (2001-2002)

  3. Research Institute Council

  4. Scientific Research Council

  5. Promotion Committee

College Committees

  1. National Commission for Academic Accredition & Assessment (2005-Now)

  2. International Symposium on Wireless Systems & Networks (Financial Support Committee, 2003)

  3. 6th Saudi Engineering Conference (Organizing Committee, 2002)

  4. IEEE Exchange Meeting Organization Committee, and IEEE Exchange Meeting PublicityCommittee.

Department Committees

  1. Curriculum Development Committee (2009-Now)

  2. Self Assessment and ABET Committee (2003-Now)

  3. Curriculum Development Committee (2001-2008)

  4. Self Assessment Committee (2002-Now)

  5. Best Teaching/Advising Selection Committee (2001-2003)

  6. Student Advising Committee (2001-2002)

  7. Faculty Search Committee

  8. Graduate Program Committee


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