Dr. Saad Al-Abeedi
Director, PAC
Assistant Professor, EE Department

EE 207
Signals & Systems


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Chapter 2-part 1
Chapter 2-part 2
Chapter 3
Fourier Series
Applications of the Fourier Transform Filters
Laplace Transform (ch7)
discerete time LTI systems
Z transform part 1
z transform part 1



Chapter 2 problems
Chapter 2 Answers

Chapter 3 Problems
Chapter 3 Answers

Chapter 4 problems
Chapter 4 answers

Chapter 5 HW
ch5 HW solution

Ch7 HW
Ch7 HW solution

HW on Discrete Time Signals and Systems and Z-transform
Solution of the HW on Discrete-time signals and systems and Z-transform


Sample Major Exams

121 1st major
121 1st major sol.

081 major 1

Other Resources

FT Tables and properties
La Place and z-Transform Tables
Convolution MATLAB demo