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Electrical Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

DR. Adil S. Balghonaim


My Journal Publications


·        Adil  S. Balghonaim and James M. Keller,”maximum Likelihood Estimate for Two-Variables Fractal Surface,” IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol .7, pp. 1746-1753,  Dec 1998

·        Mohandes, M, Balghonaim, A., Kassas, M., Rehman, S., and Halawani,T.O. “Radial Basis Functions Neural Networks for Estimation of Global Solar Radiation” Journal of International Solar Energy  Vol. 68 No. 2, pp. 161-168,  Feb. 2000.

·        Zammo, Balghonaim and Mohandes, “Decision Feedback Equalizer using Radial Basis Functions Networks”, J. king Saud Univ., Vol.12, Eng. Sci., (2),pp.257-268, (A.H.1420/2000)



My Conference Publications


·        Adil  S. Balghonaim and James M. Keller,” maximum Likelihood Estimator for Fractal Dimension of Fractal Signal Plus Noise,” IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 25-28 1997, St. John, NF., Canada. 

·        Boraie, M.T.  and Adil  S. Balghonaim,”Optical Recognition of Electrical Circuit Drawings,” IEEE  Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computer and Signal Processing, August 20-22 1997, Victoria, B.C., Canada

·       M. Mohandes, T. O. Halawani, A. Balghonaim, M. Kassas, and S.     Rehman,"Estimation of Solar Radiation in Saudi Arabia using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks", accepted for presentation at the 5th Saudi Engineering Conference, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 1-4 March, 1999.


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