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Journal Publications


1.    M.K. Aregbesola and M.A. Landolsi,  “Analysis of  Noncoherent CDMA Code Search Schemes with Interference Consideration,” under review, IEEE Trans. on Vehic. Tech.

2.       M.A. Landolsi and G.B. Hussain, “Pulse Shaping in Noncoherent DLL Tracking of CDMA Signals,” under review,  WSEAS Trans. on Communications.

3.   M.A. Landolsi, “Performance Limits in CDMA PN Code Acquisition,” accepted for publication, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.

4.       F.S. Zaheer, S.A. Zummo, M.A. Landolsi, and M.A. Kousa, “Improved Regular and Semi-Random RC-LDPC Codes with Short Block Length,” accepted for publication,  IET Proceedings on Communications.

5.        M.A. Landolsi, “Semi-Random LDPC Codes for CDMA Communication over Nonlinear Bandlimited Satellite Channels,” International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking, Vol. 24, Issue 4, pp. 303-317, June 2006. 

6.        M.A. Landolsi, “Minimization of Tracking Jitter in CDMA PN Code Tracking,” IEE Electronic Letters, Vol. 40, No. 21, pp. 1352-1353, Oct. 2004

7.        M.A. Landolsi and W. Stark,  “On The Accuracy of Gaussian Approximations in the Error Analysis of DS-CDMA Systems with OQPSK Modulation”,  IEEE Trans. on Comm., Vol. 50, No. 12, pp. 2064-2071, Dec. 2002.

8.        M.A. Landolsi and W. Stark, “Effects of Filtering and Hard Limiting on the Error Performance of DS-CDMA with OQPSK-type Modulation,” IEEE Trans. on Veh. Tech., Vol. 51, Issue 5, pp. 1145-1152, Sept. 2002.

9.        M.A.  Landolsi and W. Stark , “DS-CDMA Chip Waveform Design for Minimal Interference under Bandwidth, Phase and Envelope Constraints,” IEEE Trans. on Comm., Vol. 47, No. 11, Nov. 1999.

10.    M.A.  Landolsi and W. Stark, “Optimal Chip Waveforms for DS-CDMA with Generalized OQPSK Modulation,” European Trans. Telecom., Vol. 8, No. 5, pp. 527-536, May 1997






1.       A. Daraiseh and M.A. Landolsi, "Methods for Optimized Adpative SP10-Based Wireless Process Control Systems," pending application.

2.     M.A Landolsi,  “System and Apparatus for Designing and Producing Signaling Waveforms for DS-CDMA Communication,” US Patent No. 6,570,842, May 2003.

3.   A. Daraiseh, M. Landolsi and K. Basu, “Multilevel Distributed Frame Selection and Power Control CDMA Architecture with Application to Satellite Networks,” US Patent Number 6,330,127, April 2002.

4.   A. Sendonaris, V. Veeravelli, M.A Landolsi, and A. Daraiseh, “Forward Link Power Control in a Cellular Radiotelephone System,” U.S Patent Number 6,085,106, July 2000.

5.   C. Yu et al, “Method for Optimizing Cell Site Placement,” U.S Pat. 6,094,580. July 2000.


Conference Publications


1.        M.A. Landolsi, A.H. Muqaibel and A.S. Al-Ahmari, “Near-Far Problem Impact on Mobile Radiolocation Accuracy in CDMA Cellular Networks,” accepted, IEEE Int’l. Conf. on Telecomm., May 2007.

2.        E.A-Ghoneim, M.A. Landolsi, A.H. El-Maleh, “Improving BER Performance of LDPC Codes based on Intermediate Decoding Results,” accepted, IEEE ICSPC, Dec. 2007.

3.        E.A-Ghoneim, A.H. El-Maleh, M.A. Landolsi, “Parallel Computing Simulation Platform for Evaluating LDPC Codes Performance,” accepted, IEEE ICSPC, Dec. 2007

4.        A. El-Maleh, B. Arkasosy, and M.A. Landolsi, “Interconnect-Efficient LDPC Code Design,” presented at the Int’l Conf. on Microelectronics, Dec. 2006.

5.        M.A. Landolsi, “A Comparative Performance and Complexity Study of Short- Length LDPC and Turbo Product Codes,” in Proc. IEEE Intl. Conf. Info. & Comm. Tech. ICTTA'06, Vol. 2, pp. 2359-2364, April 2006.

6.        H.B. Ganiyu and M.A. Landolsi, “Tradeoffs between Timing Jitter and Mean-Time-to-Lose-Lock in DLL Tracking of CDMA Signals”, in Proc. IEEE Intl. Conf. Info. & Comm. Tech. ICTTA'06, Vol. 2, pp. 2532-2536, April 2006.

7.        M.A. Landolsi, “Assessment of Performance Limits in CDMA Code Synchronization”, Proc. Intl. Conf. Comp. Comm. Engr. ICCCE'06, Vol. 2, pp. 745-750, May 2006.

8.        M.K. Aregbesola and M.A. Landolsi, “Improved Analysis of Non-Coherent CDMA Hybrid Code Search with Interference Consideration”, Proc. Intl. Conf. Comp. & Comm. Engr. ICCCE'06,  Vol.2, pp. 781-786, May 2006.

9.        H.B. Ganiyu and M.A. Landolsi,  “The Impact of Pulse Shaping on Non-coherent DLL Tracking in DS/SS Systems”, Proc. of the 2nd Intl. Symp. Wireless Syst. & Netw. (ISWSN), Dhahran, CD-ROM, Nov. 2005

10.     M.A. Landolsi, “Design and Performance Optimization of LDPC Codes with Short Block Length,” Proc. Intl. Conf. on Modeling, Simulation & Applied Optimization ICSMAO, CD-ROM, Sharjah, UAE, Feb. 2005.

11.     B.H. Dohan and M.A. Landolsi, “The Impact of Fixed Point Implementation on the Performance of Semi-Random LDPC Codes,”  2nd IEEE GCC, CD-ROM, Nov. 2004.

12.     M.K. Aregbesola and M.A. Landolsi, “A Fast Multi-Threshold Hybrid Search Scheme for CDMA PN Code Acquisition,” Proc. 2nd IEEE GCC, Bahrain, Nov. 2004.

13.     M.A. Landolsi, “Quadrature-spread CDMA Performance with Diversity Reception over Multipath Fading Channels,” Proc. Intl. Symp. on Wireless Syst.&Net. ISWSN’03, Paper # TT.142, March 2003, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

14.     M.A. Landolsi,  “On the Accuracy of Gaussian Approximations in the Error Analysis of CDMA with OQPSK Spreading,”  Proc. 14th Intl. Conf. Wireless Comm. WIRELESS’02, July 2002, Calgary, Canada.

15.     Y. Mao, A. Banihashemi and M. Landolsi, “Performance and Complexity Comparison of Short LDPC Codes and Turbo Product Codes,” Proc.20th Biann. Symp.  Comm., pp. 151-153, May 2000.

16.     M. El-Tarhuni and M. Landolsi,  “The Effect of Chip Waveform Shaping on the Synchronization Performance of DS-CDMA Signals,” Proc. IEEE Vehic. Tech. Conf. VTC’99, Vol. 3, pp. 2427-2431, May 1999.

17.     A. Daraiseh and M. Landolsi, “Optimized Forward Link Power Allocation for Mobiles in Soft Handoff”, Proc. IEEE Vehic. Tech. Conf. VTC'98, Vol. 2, pp. 1548-1552, May 1998.

18.     G. Wan, M. Landolsi and S. Tseng, “Performance Analysis of the Forward and Reverse Control Channels in CDMA Wireless Networks,” Proc. IEEE Vehic. Tech. Conf. VTC'98, Vol. 2, pp. 954-957, May 1998.

19.     M.A. Landolsi, V. Veeravelli, and N. Jain, “New Results on the Reverse Link Capacity of CDMA Cellular Networks,” Proc. IEEE Vehic. Tech. Conf. VTC'96, Vol. 3, pp. 1462-1466, April 1996.

20.     M.A. Landolsi and W. Stark, “DS/CDMA Chip Waveform Design for Optimal Power-Bandwidth Performance”, Proc. IEEE PIMRC'95, Vol. 2, pp. 706-710, September 1995

21.     M.A. Landolsi and W. Stark, “Performance of DS/CDMA Communication Systems with Continuous Phase Modulation”, Proc. IEEE MILCOM'93, Vol. 2, pp. 748-752, Oct. 1993.


Technical Reports

1. M.A. Landolsi, G.B. Hussein, and M.K. Aregbesola, “Optimized Design and DSP Implementation of CDMA PN Code Synchronization Systems”, Final Report, KFUPM          FT Project 2003/06, Deanship of Scientific Research, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, May 2005.
2. S.A. Zummo, M. A. Landolsi, and F. Z. Sheikh, “Rate Compatible Low Density   Parity Check Codes for Wireless Networks”, Final Report, KFUPM FT Project             2004/05,  Deanship of Scientific Research, King Fahd    University of  Petroleum & Minerals, April 2006

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