Orientation tasks

Lets Get Started!

This section has most of the reading that will help you get through this course.

The main areas we will be covering is the basic concepts of criminal law and why we have this system in place. First lets get the class started by posting a "I understand" message (Orientation 1.1) to the rules and conditions for using the blogs and internet.

After that, you are required to post questions you have for the police (Orientation 1.2), who then come to visit us with the answers to your questions.

When you have finished this, please go to Orientation 1.3 and find out your learning style.

This is a progressive course based on your learning contracts, meaning that you must follow the contract conditions in Orientation 1.1, before you progress through all the modules in Task 1. The great thing though, is that you after you have completed all your assignments for Task 1, you will have all your materials for your portfolio in Task 2, so all you have to do is put it together in a presentable format.

Orientation 1.1 - Compulsory, terms and conditions

If you haven't already done so, after reading the rules and conditions and learning contract, please post an "I understand" message to the appropriate section in the discussion forums. You will have to do this in the online forums of the Nicenet Site.

Orientation 1.2 - Question for Police

Also in the Nicenet site, you get the chance to come up with questions for the Police, who will visit us to answer them.

Orientation 1.3 - Your Learning Style

Find out your learning style.

These are orientation activities so you can familiarise yourself with how to use the discussion forums and this website. Don't worry I will be in class with you for these activities, and it is likely that you can finish the majority of internet based work in the computer labs, as I have booked the labs for the whole semester.

Please go to Module 1 ,in Task 1, after you have finished the above activities.