The Second International Workshop on Applications of Ad hoc and Sensor Networks (AASNET)

May 26-29, 2009, Bradford, UK


The Second International Workshop on  Applications of Ad hoc and Sensor Networks (AASNET '09) is held in conjunction with AINA 2009 23nd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications

Wireless mobile ad hoc and sensor network nodes have limited battery capacity. Hence, they tend to be energy conservative. Many MAC, routing protocols, scheduling scheme were proposed to promote energy conservation without degrading the performance of the network. Nonetheless, nowadays, many real-time applications have been proposed and developed using ad hoc and sensor networks.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress and challenges in the area of real time applications in ad hoc and sensor networks. We encourage contributions that describe innovative work and results on AASNET. The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Energy-aware routing protocols

  • Energy-aware scheduling techniques

  • Energy-aware MAC protocols

  • Artificial intelligence applications in ad hoc and sensor networks

  • Sensor networks for oil and gas industry

  • Mobility tracking schemes in ad hoc networks

  • Voice over ad hoc networks

  • Multimedia over sensor networks

  • Machine leaning schemes for ad hoc and sensor networks

  • Intrusion detection systems in ad hoc and sensor networks

  • Telehealth monitoring system using ad hoc and sensor networks

Submit a full paper of at most 6 pages (IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscripts style: two columns, single-spaced), including figures and references, using 10 fonts, and number each page. You can confirm the IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Author Guidelines at the following web page: URL:

Papers of high quality will be invited to submit extended version of their papers for publication in a special issue of an international journal.