I am currently looking for graduate students with interest in computer networks from a system design perspective. Send me an email if you would like to do your research in this area.


Current Research Topics

Uncontrolled Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks
Studying the performance of wireless sensor networks when uncontrolled mobility models are used for sensor nodes.

Toward an Intelligent Jobsite
Studying the use of advanced sensing and RFID technologies in construction jobsites and industrial facilities to provide a safe and efficient work environment.


Recent Research Topics

Location Privacy in Sensor Network
Studied the issue of sensor location privacy for resource management applications.

Design of Network Security Hardware
Helped in designing hardware components that can be integrated in network devices and accelerate security functions.

Resource Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Developed centralized and distributed schemes for assigning sensing resources to fulfill the requirements of multiple competing missions in wireless sensor networks.

Data Gathering in RFID-equipped Warehouses Using Mobile Readers
Explored new algorithms to collect data in a warehouse that is equipped with RFID tags using mobile readers.

Congestion Aware Routing in Sensor networks
Designed a new routing algorithms for wireless sensor networks to mitigate the impact of congestion on sensitive data.

Admission Control in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Designed new admission control system for structured peer-to-peer networks to help in mitigating Sybil attacks (single adversary claiming to have multiple identities).

Object Location in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Designed an object location and lookup service to work over the NICE peer-to-peer network structure.