COE 308 Assignments - Fall 2008

Computer Architecture


Muhamed F. Mudawar

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Assignment 1: Not Graded

Computer Abstractions and Technology

Assignment 2: Not Graded

MIPS Instructions and Assembly Language

Assignment 3: Due Saturday, November 22, at the beginning of class time

Floating-Point Representation and Arithmetic

Assignment 4: Due Wednesday, December 24, at the beginning of class time

Performance and Metrics

Assignment 5: Due Monday, January 5, at the beginning of class time

Single-Cycle Processor Implementation

Assignment 6: Not Graded

Pipelined Processor

Assignment 7: Due Saturday, January 31, at the beginning of class time

Memory Hierarchy

Project 1: Due Wednesday, December 17, by Midnight

Project Description: Writing, Simulating, and Testing MIPS Assembly Code (UPDATED)

Project Evaluation Form

MARS 3.5: Mips Assembler and Runtime Simulator (user friendly)

Fibonacci sample program

MARS homepage

MARS paper

Appendix A in Patterson and Hennessy book


Project 2: Due Saturday, January 31, by 10 AM

Project Description: Pipelined Processor Implementation

Project Evaluation Form

Logisim version 2.1.6

Website for Logisim


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