Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals



 1 -     BSc, “Ingenieur d'etat”, “Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Alger”, (Algiers-1985)

2 -     Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, University of Hull (UK - 1989) 

Research Interest:

Interested in the area of image processing in general,

Color imaging,

Image segmentation,

Human skin and face detection.

Professional Experience:

Sep 1984 - Jan 1985:

Conducting my senior project, as a research assistant in the photovoltaic lab at the national center for new energies (HCE). (Algiers)

 September 1989-July 1995:

Lecturer, then s enior lecturer at the University of Blida, Dept. of Electrical Engineering (Algeria). During 1990/91 worked as a Part time lecturer at the “National Institute of Informatics”, (Algiers).

Courses Taught:

  • Microprocessor                             
  • Information theory and coding                                   
  • Computer networks
  • Operating systems        
  • Programming in Pascal, C and Assembly  
  • Technical English for BSc students.  

 Sep. 1995 - August 1998:

Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Eng. (King Fahad University – Saudi Arabia).

Courses taught:

  • Digital Circuit Design (EE 200)
  • Microprocessor engineering (EE 390)
  • Power (EE 360).

Sep. 1998 - to present:

Lecturer in the Department of Computer Eng(King Fahad University – Saudi Arabia).

Courses taught:

  • Digital Circuit design (COE 200)
  • Assembly Language and Computer Organization (COE 205)
  • Microprocessor Engineering (COE 305)
  • Data and Computer Communications (COE 342)
  • Applied Data Communications: A Business Oriented Approach (COE 353)
  • Seminar (COE 390)
  • Coop Training (COE 351-352)
  • Summer training (COE 399)