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Welcome to Department of Computer Engineering (COE) at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals. Our undergraduate and graduate majors in computer engineering and networking will prepare you for an exciting career. Our department strives to provide an outstanding educational program that enables our graduates to become leaders in their profession and in technology research. You'll get hands-on experience and work with internationally recognized researchers.

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COE celebrates graduation ceremony

The Computer Engineering (COE) Department was established in 1986. COE developed and evolved over the years to be recognized for its excellence in education and research. Since its early history, COE has been providing The Kingdom and worldwide graduates that become the leader in their field. There were no less than XX numbers of both undergraduate and graduate students graduating this year. Learn more about history and event in COE.

Research Highlights

Computer Engineering (COE) is one of the department in KFUPM which has done extensive research on telerobotic. Our research focus is to design of an electro-mechanical system that extends human manipulative capabilities through a computer network that can be accessed anywhere and anytime through proprietary network or Internet. The system has an extended human Eye-Hand motion coordination through arbitrary distance and 3D vision through network using stereo vision and augmented reality graphical tools. The project has been receiving support form local research funding agencies (KFUPM Project, KACST AT-20-80, etc.)

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