COE 561 - Digital System Design & Synthesis

Term 182 - Spring 2019


Aiman H. El-Maleh


Office: Building 22, Room 405-7, Phone: 2811

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Overview of modern digital systems; Systems-on-chip, virtual cores, design reuse and IP’s (soft, firm and hard), ASIC design methodologies. Digital system hierarchy & abstraction levels, Hardware Modeling using HDL, Design optimization and performance criteria, HDL coding for synthesis, Testability of digital systems and High-Level synthesis.


Prerequisite: Graduate Standing.



Givanni De Micheli, “Synthesis & Optimization of Digital Circuits,” McGraw Hill.

Zainalabedin Navabi, “VHDL: Analysis and Modeling of Digital Systems”, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 3nd edition, 1997.






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