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1.         Project number  CY/NMRRELAX/67  Funded by

            (Principal Investigator)                          KFUPM

            Title:  Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Studiesof

                     Phosphorus containg compounds


2.                  SABIC/ KFUPM- PI   1/10/00 31/3/02

Design and Syntheis of new polyampholytes for theie potential use in protein purification


                                    3.         Polyolefin Project (SABIC/RI) PN 21164                    1/5/01 31/3/04



4          Solid-state NMR NMR study of Silver Complexes with some sulfur containing biologically important ligands, SABIC/KFUPM  1/6/04 31/1/06, Co-I


5.         Multinuclear NMR Study of interaction of Some sulfur containing biologically important ligands with Cd and Hg KFUPM  1/9/04 1/3/07 Co-I


6.         Development of Novel Thermoplastic Polymer Perfomance Promoters (CRP 2219) CIBA/RI Co-I     1/1/05- 31/12/07


7.         Chelation of ethylene diamine and its derivatives with nd10 metal ions SABIC/KFUPM   1/9/06 28/2/08 Co-I








               I have served / am serving in the thesis committee of the following students

               as Advisor/ Member.


(a)  Completed Thesis


1.            J. C. N. Benny             Ph. D.      1993            Member

               Chem. Dept., Annamalai Univ., India.


               Thesis title:    1H, 13C, and 17O NMR Spectral Studies of some

                                       six-membered sulphoxides and sulphones.


2.            Zaka Ahmed                M. S.     1994             Member

               Chem.Dept., KFUPM


               Thesis title:    Cyclopolymerization of Quaternary Piperazinium



3.            Azfar Hassan                Ph. D        1996           Advisor

               Chem.Dept., KFUPM


               Thesis title:     The Origin of Hetero-effects in Nitrogen inversion




4.            Al-Jaroudi                    M. S.       1996            Member

               Chem.Dept., KFUPM


               Thesis title:     Dipolar Addition of Medium Size Ring Cyclic



5.            Naseem Akhtar            Ph. D.              1996    Member

               Chem.Dept., KFUPM


               Thesis titleC-13, N-15, AND  P-31  NMR  Studies of Scrambling                                                            Reactions and Redox Reactions of some Gold(I) complexes

6.            Y. T. A. Janabi Ph. D.              1997    Member

Thesis title: ESR investigation of anisotropic rotation using nitroxide spin probe


                        7.         S. M. A.  Hashmi,        Ph. D.              1998    Member

                                    Thesis title: Regioselective synthesis of nitrones and their application in

                                    Organic synthesis.


                        8.         Asif Rashhed                M. S.               1998    Member

Thesis title:        Synthesis and solution properties of Polymeric Zwitterionic Ammonium Betains


                        9.         Saeed Ahmad               Ph. D.              2002  Member

                                    Thesis title: Multinuclear NMR of Ag and Au complexes


                        10.       Ifadat Ali Khan Ph. D.              2003 Member

                                    Thesis title                    Deactivation of dehydration Adsorbents


                        11.       M. A. J. Mazumdar      M. S.               2004 Member

                                    Title: Synthesis and properties of some poly sulfobetains


                        12.       Yunusa Umar   Ph. D.                          2006 Member

Title: Synthesis  and solution properties of a new class of pH responsive polymers.





Main    Contributions  in   Research



A detailed 1H, 19F, and 31P NMR spectral analysis of several Phosphorus Flourine  compounds with special emphasis on tetrafluro diazadiphosphetidines.  Explicit expressions for X transition frequencies in NMR spectra of chemically  equivalent  [A[X]2]2 spin system was developed for the cases where one of the coupling (A,X) constant is much larger than any of the other coupling constants, as in compounds containing  PF2  groups.  Barriers to pseudorotation were determined by NMR band shape analysis and mechanism of exchange in  diazadiphosphetidines worked out.

(papers no. 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15)


       The first C-13 NMR signal assignments  in friedo-oleananes, an important class of triterpenes, were reported, using  inversion recovery and lanthanide induced shift techniques. Solution conformation  of these triterpenes  were studied by T1 and computer fitting of  LIS data and shown to be chair-chair-chair-twistboat-boat.

(papers no. 12, 17, 19, 20, 23, 24, 27)


      Characterization and microstructure (and tacticity) determinations using NMR in  several polymers including large number of polysulphones. (Paper no. 22, 28, 30, 34, 37, 47)


       Structure-NMR parameter relationships in some naphthalene derivatives, sulphonanilides, and carbamoyloximes have been worked out.  (paper no. 31, 40, 42)


       Detailed kinetic and mechanistic study of nitrone cycloaddition reaction. The cycloaddition products offered an unique opportunity to study the effects of substituent and ring fusion on conformational preference and nitrogen inversion process. NMR band-shape analysis provided precise nitrogen inversion barriers in these and related systems. This helped to shed light on various factors ( hetero-atom, anomeric effect etc.)  that influence the inversion barrier.

(paper no. 32, 33, 35, 41, 48, 50, 55, 56, 57)