Dr. Muhammad Ramzan Saeed Ashraf Janjua is currently serving as Professor at KFUPM (Chemistry Department). Dr. Janjua was born and raised in Sargodha (City of Eagles/City of Oranges), Pakistan. He did his MSc in Physical Chemistry from University of Sargodha. He has an additional degree of MBA in Marketing from Preston Institute of Management Science & Technology. He earned his Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) in 2010 from NENU, China. His research was based on the computational modeling of functional, inorganic-organic hybrid materials which stand out for their remarkable nonlinear optical properties. In 2010, he joined University of Sargodha, Pakistan as Assistant Professor (Currently on Ex-Pakistan Extra-Ordinary Leave) and in the meantime he completed his one year Post-Doc (2011-2012) from University of Coimbra Portugal. He is a Visiting Research Scientist at Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2014. He has also won the Best Research Paper Award by HEC, Pakistan for the year 2012 (M.R.S.A. Janjua, Inorg. Chem. 51 (2012), 11306-11314). He is an author of more than 50 publications printed in world's leading scientific societies e.g., ACS, RSC, Wiley, and Elsevier. He has high impact publications in JACS, IC, JPC and PCCP.





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