Dr. M. A. Jafar Mazumder is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia. His major area of research interest is polyelectrolyte complexes, hydrogel, layer-by-layer (LBL) assemblies, corrosion, membrane based separations and microencapsulation for therapeutics.

             Dr. Jafar Mazumder has had the opportunity to work with several international collaborative research groups and exposed himself to a broad range of research areas, including chemistry, engineering and material sciences, and designed and engineered synthetic and natural organic and polymeric materials for applications in the development of microcapsule-based gene therapeutics. Currently, Dr. Jafar Mazumder is concentrating in a number of ongoing internal (KFUPM), government (KACST, NSTIP), and client (Saudi Aramco) funded projects, in which he is responsible for the synthesis and characterization of various modified monomers and polymers for their potential use as antiscalants and corrosion inhibitors in oil and gas industries; design and preparation of multilayered polyelectrolyte coated membrane for the removal of heavy metals and organic contaminants from aqueous samples. He has been credited with couple of book authored (Eds), several patents, and significant number of referred journal articles/ international conference proceedings. He is currently serving as an editorial board member of International Journal of Corrosion Chemistry and its Application, Journal of Biomimetrics, Biomaterilas and Biomedical Engineering and Nano hybrids.

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