I have a strong passion for teaching all levels of organic chemistry. I devote considerable time and energy in striving to enhance the learning experience of my students. My primary objectives are to to convey the key concepts (rather than simple memorization of facts) and to develop the Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills of my students. I endeavor to provide immediate feedback regarding all aspects of their performance. Likewise, I strongly believe that student feedback is an essential component for faculty to continually improve their teaching. Over the last two years I have used various strategies (Peer Review and Online Student Surveys) in order to obtain this valuable information.

Utilization of Instructional Technology

I have integrated various Instructional Technology tools (SMART Board, Visualizor, Online Review Quizzes & 2-D Animations) into my teaching of undergraduate and graduate organic chemistry courses. I have developed online WebCT courses for both Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 201) and Advanced Organic Chemistry (CHEM 530).

Interactive Online Review Quizzes are assigned as homework. The comprehensive feedback, provided for both correct and incorrect answers, has resulted in “Active Student Learning”.

I utilize a SMART Board in order to create high quality color handouts which are the made available to students via WebCT.

"Stereochemistry" handout

"Substitution reactions" handout

For my innovative utilization of these tools in the teaching of Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 201) I received the DAD “Instructional Technology Award” (2003-4) .

I gave an oral presenation of this work at the 4th Annual WebCT European User Conference.

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